Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Fantasy Feast

Let’s step into a fantasy world for a few seconds (and put aside our general distaste for excess) to dream about the “perfect meal.” I’m refraining from calling it a last meal because that’s morbid, but I guess it’s pretty much the same thing: if you had the opportunity to piece together your ideal feast from area restaurants, what would you choose?
Mine would be a bit of an extravaganza. I’m not even going to hold back here. Let’s do this:
  • An Amazing Pancake (or two) from Sake Café.
  • Iron Gate’s Veggie Club.
  • BBQ tofu fries from Bombers. And why the hell not, let’s throw in a margarita. Rocks, no salt. With a shot of Jameson on the side.
  • Now that I’ve started drinking, I may as well hit up DeJohn’s for their cucumber martini. While I’m there I will demand a bowl of their pineapple cream sauce (from the to-die-for mussels dish) and a loaf of crusty bread with which to soak it up.
  • You know what follows pineapple cream sauce well? More pineapple. I’ll grab some Pineapple fried rice from Sukhothai.
  • OK now I’m starting to get nauseous (both in the real world and the fantasy world.) Let’s pop back to my place for an herbal digestif. Much better.
  • Dessert time: fruit tarts from Crisan.
Wow, I can’t even think about this any longer. It totally accomplished the opposite of what I was going for. I’m loopy and logey from food lust, and didn’t even get to Van’s or Empire Wok or Café Capriccio. Maybe next time. Someone please roll me back to reality and hand me a Tums. :P Ugh.

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