Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wedding Singing!

This is super duper old news, but I keep forgetting to post it.

Here's a video of my first foray into wedding singing! It was one of the loveliest wedding venues I've ever seen (The Saratoga Museum of Dance) and Chelsea and Nick are the sweetest. A delight all around.

Leigh from Clark+Walker Studio on Vimeo

(Mori)Bus Philosophorum: Two Morals

A few days ago I was on the shuttle by myself and struck up a conversation with one of the regular drivers. We chatted about colony collapse disorder, the plight of small farmers and ecological sustainability. Then he told me a story from a documentary he’d seen. I don’t know the title or how faithful the story is to the film, but it made me smile so I’m going to tell you:

There was a man who was bogged down by the emotional weight of the world. He was troubled by crime and poverty, violence and despair. So he went on a spiritual journey to a remote monastery in search of some answers. At this monastery, the monks used a psychedelic substance because they thought it connected them with a“higher power.” They invited him to partake and he did, with the intention of trying to figure out how to fix the world’s problems. When he came down off of the drug, they asked him if he had uncovered a solution. He smiled and said, “There’s nothing to solve. Everything’s perfect just the way it is.”

I love that. Everything might seem doomed and out of control, but it’s not. It’s perfect. So, that’s the moral of the story. That and...listen to your bus driver. He might drop some crazy philosophy on you.