Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Simpler Living Interview

The wonderful Naomi Seldin of Times Union's Simpler Living blog interviewed me for a series she's doing on local folks. Check it out!

And here's the actual link, just in case hyperlinks aren't your bag:

Monday, June 21, 2010

(Mori)Bus Philosophorum: Bus Tips Part II (I Think)

It's time for another round (I think) of my practical, time-tested bus tips! Don't say I didn't warn you...
  • Use $5. The new fare system allows you to put larger bills into the column. If you're purchasing a day pass with singles, you have to feed in four bills which, if they're not mint-crisp, will be spat back out at you (a la the snack machine) who knows how many times. Worse yet is trying to drop four dollars-worth of change. I've done it; it takes forever, and I don't recommend it. If you're determined to try, you'd better hope against hope that it isn't raining or cold out because the people queuing up behind you outside the bus will attempt to murder you with their eyes. Save yourself the trouble and use a five.
  • The rule of bus windows states (scientifically) that a closed window may be opened, but, for some reason, an open window can never be closed. I know it's tempting to sit by an open window when you board a hot, sticky bus, but do your best to resist. Unless you like that windblown look.
  • Always double check your seat. I can not tell you how many times I've left something behind on the bus: umbrellas, cell phones, wads of cash (not really, but if I had wads of cash I'd live in fear of that.) Each and every time I've pulled this little routine, I've felt in the pit of my stomach that I'm forgetting something, but neglected to double check. Even if you don't think you've dropped something, it doesn't hurt to take a second look. A few weeks ago I went to sit down and there was a wallet on the seat, which I scooped up and delivered to the bus driver. The next day the driver told me that the owner of the wallet had claimed it and had been astounded to find his big wad of cash still inside. If you leave your wallet behind, the person who finds it might not be as honest (dumb? I didn't even look inside) as I.

Friday, June 18, 2010

A+, APD. For real.

Last night around 11:30 I heard someone out on the street saying, “No, no, no!” I muted the TV, perked up my ears and heard what sounded like a girl laughing. ‘Probably just a guy playfully chasing his girlfriend,’ I thought, but the woman continued saying, “No!” and it was sounding more desperate. My boyfriend got up, looked out the window and bolted towards the door. As he did he said, “Someone’s getting mugged out there. A girl’s bleeding. Grab my shoes.”

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Black Thumbs Update: Green at Last!

This is more about the pictures.  So pretty!  I didn't realize that there would be two varieties of daisy springing up!

I'd include a photo of the lettuce bed, but it's looking a little unkempt.  There are a ton of greens ready to be harvested, so I can't wait to taste the fruits of my (very minimal) labor!


Oh Sidewalk, Where Art Thou?

Yesterday I thought it would be a lark to take the bus up to the Target in Northway Mall.  It was an innocent idea but a really depressing trip, and it ties right in with my parking rant from last week.

I hopped off the bus at the Colonie Center stop, pushed the big button that tells the light that someone wants to cross the street, and waited.  And waited.  The lights cycled through and no Walking Guy appeared.  The Red Hand didn’t budge.  Eventually another person waiting to cross just went for it and I followed, sprinting across Central Ave.  On the other side of the road there is a pedestrian walkway into the plaza, which I was delighted to see.  I followed it for about three minutes until it inexplicably stopped at this point: